Bristol Indymeda Summer Newsletter

by imcvol
on Tuesday 27 May 2008

type: News Report
topic: Media and Culture
region: Bristol
Good Article Guide
Trust is a major issue within the media as a whole – people generated media included! As such we have created a good article guide, with information about referencing an article to add weight to what you have written. Independent Media Centres encourage open publishing and encourage anyone with something to write to write it! We do not impose any particular conditions or styles of writing. However, you might find that people will give more credence to your article if you can give some evidence to support claims. The guide can be found at the link below and please contact us if you have any ideas, links or suggestions to add;

Film Night Screenings
To those who attended the 5th May screening of Gitmo: The News Rules of War, will know it had to be cancelled as key had broken in the door of the Cube Cinema's projection room lock! Well the kind people at the Cube have given us an additional slot in June to re-screen the film. It will be shown before the main event on the 2nd June and will be free, so for a full night of entertainment and information come along on the 2nd June from 6.30pm...
6.30pm, Gitmo: The New Rules of War, entry Free, full info -
8.30pm Bristol Goes To Palestine, Documentary Premiere! Entry £2/£3

PS. Back in Febuary 2007 we screening the uplifting film about unionising strippers, Live Nude Girls Unite, we had an email from the director, Julia Query giving an update on the story, "If you don’t remember who I am- I made the documentary about dancers unionizing. ...I just thought you might like to know that a cool social justice Hollywood production company, Reason pictures, bought the rights to the film/life story and is likely to make a feature film about us. I know I’m supposed to be thrilled and think it is cool and wonder who is going to play me, but I don’t. Maybe it’s still not real to me, or maybe I just don’t trust Hollywood to make a film about strippers. I hope they prove me wrong."

You may have seen that earlier this month we launched Indycycle – a web-based way of recycling your stuff into the community. So far the system has been working great, with over 90 people signed up and masses of stuff from furniture to soundcards (we even had a kitchen sink!) already free-cycled and available – so get Indycycle-ing to either clear clutter to get things you need for free!

Hard Copy
We are pleased to announce that soon we will be launching our offline newsletter, Hard Copy, this will feature our picks of the best from the site plus new writings, all in an easy to access form – watch this space!

Server Seizure Update
British Transport Police has offered to make an ex-gracia payment for £190 to cover the damage done to computer equipment during the controversial seizure of the Bristol Indymedia server in 2005. Following legal advice Bristol Indymedia has accepted the payment, however is still pursuing other legal avenues in regard the action. FFI see:

People Power
Bristol Indymedia is a democratic and open media project that is powered by you! We rely on donations and volunteers for all we do. You can help the project by publishing your news and events – and coming along to our film nights – but you may also wish to get involved – we always welcome new people and ideas to the project! If you are interested in getting involved then see our 'get involved' information page – and if you are keen too, then please come along to our next film night (see above) and have a chat with us!

Thanks, BIMC