Guide to Embed Video in Bristol Indymedia

by imcvol
on Tuesday 16 Dec 2008

type: News Report
topic: Media and Culture
region: South West
It is also worth noting that you don't have to have been the person who made or uploaded the video - any video on any of the sites listed can be added.

You can add up to 3 embedded videos per article - but people make sure you read our Editorial Policy, as they are also subject to it when posted here;

So, how do you embed?
  • First find the video you want to embed. For example in Image 1, I have found a video that I wish to embed. I need to get the 'Embedded Video ID'; for example in YouTube this can be found in the URL of the video. You will see the text is:

    The Embedded Video ID is the bit after the = sign, so; F7KDxFdf6gY Sometimes, this can be a bit harder to spot as there is other information in the URL, for example;

  • Here, the Embedded Video ID is the bit after the = sign but before the & sign, so; vSKH1cQ_Zhc - so all the letters before the next bit of punctuation. Highlight the ID and copy it (for example with the Ctrl and 'C' keys).

  • Next go to the Bristol Indymedia website and click on the 'Publish' link;

  • Now scroll down until you see the Embed Video ID section and then drop the box down to select the source of your video, for example YouTube, see Image 2.
  • Then drop the next box down and select the number of clips you wish to embed. Once this is set to 1 or more, the Embedded Video ID box will appear. Into this box paste the Embedded Video ID, as seen for example in Image 3.

  • Then enter the rest of your information as normal and then publish!

We have embedded an example video at the bottom of this page; it is where the text says: To stop your IP being automatically logged the provider of the video... - the user clicks on that link then can watch the video. The video does not appear until the user clicks on this link to 'OK' it - this way the user can choose not to see it and so not to allow whoever hosts the video to gather data on you, because sites like YouTube track IP data, while we don't, we can't stop a video streamed by them from doing so.
Please note: the inclusion of the ability to embed videos from other services is not an endorsement of those services/companies by Bristol Indymedia.