Can any reader from the south west provide specific details on any of these arms manufacturers?

by Interested local resident
on Monday 21 Feb 2011

type: Opinion/Analysis
topic: Peace
region: South West

Can any reader provide evidence of where any of these things are manufactured in the UK and particularly the south west?

In emergency situations it is no good protesting alone. While protests most certainly have there place now is a time for solidarity and direct action to support the working classes of the world.

 Britain said on Friday it was revoking more than 50 arms export licences for Bahrain and Libya where security forces have cracked down on protests and several people have been killed.

The revoked licences cover items such as tear gas and ammunition that could be used to suppress demonstrations.

A day after announcing a review of arms export licences to Bahrain, Britain's coalition government said it had "taken a decision to revoke 24 individual licences and 20 open licences" for the Gulf state.

Individual licences authorize a single arms sale while open licences cover multiple sales to a range of destinations.

The government also revoked eight individual licences for Libya. A review of export licences to the wider region, including Yemen, was continuing, it said.

Bahraini security forces fired on protesters on Friday, wounding more than 60, as crackdowns on pro-democracy unrest buffeting the Middle East and North Africa turned increasingly violent. A day earlier, police killed four protesters and wounded more than 230 in Bahrain's capital Manama.

In Libya, soldiers fought to suppress disturbances in the country's second city Benghazi. U.S.-based Human Rights Watch said at least 24 protesters were killed there on Wednesday and Thursday.

As some will know EDO Brighton supply Israel. Do any companies in the south west or South Wales provide weapons of oppression to Bahrain,Libya, Yemen, or any other countries in the Middle East and North Africa?